We organized a health camp for small tea growers and their families

at Satkura High school at Satkura Village near Bangladesh border (Gram Panchayat- South Berubari) in Jalpaiguri district on 29.08.15.

About 416 patients suffering from various ailments were examined and free medicines were distributed to them. 34 patients were subjected to blood tests and 2 new patients suffering from diabetes mellitus (maturity onset) were detected. We got full support from the Headmaster and teachers of the school along with the village elders. The holding of medical camp in the remote Satkura village was very much appreciated by the residents of the village.

We took the opportunity of addressing the school children from class V to 10 on WASH program initiated by UNICEF & WHO. WASH in schools improves health and learning performance of school aged children and that of their families by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related disease. The teachers were advised to implement WASH initiatives that keep the school environment clean and inhibit the transmission of harmful bacteria, viruses & parasites.

Small tea growers and their families