Bulk Teas

CTC and Orthodox teas from the Dooars, Darjeeling and Assam gardens are sold in bulk form packed in paper sacks, jute bags or tea chests. 

The quality and popularity of teas from the Group are reflected in the prices realized which rank amongst the top in the Industry.

The marketing channels used for bulk teas include the Public auction System, private and consignment sales, Exports and Direct Sales either in original or blended form.


The flavoury romance of Darjeeling is best exemplified in the quality that is produced by Group Gardens like Castleton, Margaret's Hope, Thurbo and Barnesbeg, while the Green Teas of Badamtam are also greatly sought after. Quality buyers from Japan, Europe and the USA keenly compete for these teas.


Manufacturing expertise coupled with select planting material have ensured that the Groups gardens are amongst the top quality producers. Orthodox teas from gardens like Dejoo, Harmutty and Orangajuli among others, have built up international reputations and are very popular with quality buyers from Germany, UK and the Middle East markets.

Similarly, the finest CTCs are produced in gardens like Amgoorie and Borbam who are renowned for their gutty, bright liquors and attract buyers of premium tea in India and abroad.


Group gardens in the Dooars have created a niche for themselves with their full bodied CTC liquors and are strongly competed for. There are not many quality blends that will not have teas from Group gardens like Danguajhar, Leesh River or Jiti, among others, all of whom are extremely popular gardens marks.

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