Coombergram is located in the Barak Valley, Assam and is 3 Km from the Kumbhigram Airport. The garden is surrounded by Koomber Tea Garden, Dewan Tea Estate, Pollorbund Tea Estate and Air force Station.

The garden had suffered on a regular basis due to acquisition of land by the Government of Silcahr Airport, Refugee Colony, Army etc, thus resulting in lack of virgin area for expansion.

The garden is said to have started before the 1880s the only proof being a graveyard in the manager’s bungalow of Miss Amy Caroline Bell Born 3rd June 1882 and Death 5th November 1882 and a gentleman (name not visible) was Born on May 1887 and Died on 1919 this is still being maintained by the garden. However, records are available only form 1913.

This garden was originally owned by Octavious Steel with Sterling interest. On 1/1/78 this was acquired by Koomber Tea Company and is still maintained by Koomber Tea Company. The labours here are mainly Oriyas, Santals and Adavasis. A very small percent comprises of Muslims most of whom have come from Bangladesh in the 70s.


  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • ETP Certified


Address: P.O Kumbhigram 788 109
Dist – Cachar, Assam