This garden is situated in the foothills of N C Hills of the Barail Range, with Kumbhirgram Airport forming the southern boundary.

This garden was established in 1830 under Jatinga Valley Tea Company. The name of the garden has been derived from cotton. This area was a cotton growing area, which the Cacharis (locals) used to call ‘Kumbha’. The Britishers started spelling Kumbha as Koomber thus the name. Till 1977 this garden was under Jatinga Valley Tea Company and from 1st January 1978 it was handed over to Koomber Tea Company thus converting itself from a Sterling Company to a Rupee Company.

Koomber quality and production gained recognition under Mr C.W Morley who was Manager, as did education and sport. The first High School i.e Morley Higher Secondary School was also founded by him. During the early 70’s alot of replanting was done with Tocklai released clones and TV1 planted in 1971-72 achieved record yield over 5000 kgs per hectare.


  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • ETP Certified


Address: P.O Kumbhir 788 109
Dist – Cachar, Assam