Growing at elevations of 915 metres to 1830 metres, this beautiful and peaceful garden has a touching tale to tell. In 1900, Alfred Wathan, the Manager of this garden and his wife Mary, lost their baby daughter. The couple created a flower garden around the baby's grave, where they rested after work. The garden was watered from a natural spring nearby. The spring may have been a symbol of love and a source of solace for the sad parents. Alfred Wathan named this garden Springside. The grave and the garden are maintained even today. Some still refer to the garden as Wathan Kaman, Wathan’s tea garden.

This garden offers a magnificent view of the Darjeeling hills from Eagle’s Craig, a sheer rock face, which plunges down to dizzying depths! The panoramic vista of mountains, valleys and countryside are awe inspiring. Ayana Kothi, Orange Grove and Rakti Jhora (waterfall) are unforgettable places that haunt even the casual visitor. Most memorable however, remains the taste and flavour of the teas grown here. Nature is never harsh nor restrained when it comes to lavishing care on these tea bushes of Darjeeling that produce top quality teas.

Springside’s teas are redolent with flavour, aroma and colour.



Address: P.O. Kurseong 734 203
Dist – Darjeeling, West Bengal