The establishment of Chalouni as a tea garden dates back to the year 1885. It is located geographically at around 88 degree longitude and 23 degree latitude at the lap of the lower Sub-Himalayan range and is at a height of around 1500 feet above mean sea level. The nearest airport is Bagdogra and nearest Railway station is New Jalpaiguri. The nearest town is Malbazar from where bus service is available for Kolkata and other North Eastern states.

Legend has it that the garden derives its name from a particular variety of tree called “Chilloune” which at a point of time was spread all over the land where currently the garden exists. Mr. P. C. Wallich was the first Manager as per the records available who along with a local Sri. Birju laid the foundation of Tea at Chalouni. The garden along with two other gardens namely Hope and Jiti had M/s Hope Tea Company as its Managing agents under the Umbrella Company Duncan Bros. & Co. Calcutta till 1977 after which it was taken over by M/s Goodricke Group Ltd Kolkata.

Chalouni being 1500 feet above mean sea level and at the lap of the lower Sub-Himalayan range is scenically a very beautiful garden. To its North lies the Kalimpong Sub-Division reserve forest. The hills rise above into chain of mountain ranges which adds to the beauty of the garden. There are a number of rain fed streamlets flowing North- South which lace its body meandering and dancing to produce a musical symphony to its sylvan beauty and charm. Chalouni shares its boundaries with five other tea gardens namely Samsing, Matelli, Nagaisuree, Engo and Zurantee.


Address: P.O Matelli
Jalpaiguri 735 223
Dist – West Bengal