The garden is situated on the foot hill of the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas. The garden falls under the Nagrakata P.O., Dist. Jalpaiguri (W.B.). The nearest railway station is Nagrakata under N.F. Railways which has been converted to broad gauge. The nearest major Railway station is New Jalpaiguri, approximately 100 km away. The garden is accessible by road and situated 14 K.M. north of National Highway 31 to Guwahati. The nearest Air Terminal is Bagdogra, situated approx. 115 K.M. away. The garden consists of two divisions East and West. Both the divisions are compact and of manageable size.

The first tea bush was planted in Hope Tea Garden around the year 1878.

The garden got its name after the daughter of the then major share holder of the Hope Tea Company, whose name was “HOPE”. In the year 1925, Hope and Jiti became independent gardens. After the split, Hope and Jiti had grant areas of 1780.81 Acres. By 1880, the first factory came into existence near the Thal Khola. Its foundation was prepared by black soil. Bamboo and Kher were used for the main structure with the cement paste.

During that period the leaf taken down to the factory by Bullock Carts. Eventually the factory was shifted to its present site in 1886.

Coming to the garden scenario, the first community deployed in the garden were the “Santhals” who have been staying on the garden over last two hundred years. Slowly Adivasi and Nepali labourers were brought from the Chota Nagpur belt and Nepal in year 1880 A.D.

The garden is situated at about 1200 ft above the sea level with moderate climatic conditions. The average rainfall of the garden is 450 cms. During summer the climate of the garden generally remains quite pleasant and cool. This is due to the gardens location nearer to the hills. The view to the north from the garden along the Bhutan boarder is very picturesque and beautiful. The land is undulating and has many running streams, ridges and small hillocks. The East division has very steep slopes in which tea has been planted and the altitude here is 1500 ft.


Address: P.O Nagrakata
Jalpaiguri 735 225
Dist – West Bengal